Carly Howard, JD, LLM

Carly E. Howard, JD, LLM is an attorney and consultant for crypto focused family offices. In crypto since 2015 (full-time 2017), Carly specializes in strategic design and hands-on setup for family offices with digital assets holdings, from wealth strategies to integration of technology for operations. Carly has seen all angles of the wealth management business… Continue reading Carly Howard, JD, LLM

Denise Holzer

Denise Holzer is a Managing Director at Chatsworth Securities Inc., a Greenwich, CT based investment bank. Ms. Holzer specializes in Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Esports & Gaming – advising both public and private companies. Ms. Holzer also oversees the Firm’s family office consulting practice, working as an advisor to key family offices, reviewing and providing advice pertaining to… Continue reading Denise Holzer

Solene Feuillu

Chris Mack

Chris Mack is a seasoned, hands-on technology executive, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of proven experience as a builder in fintech. As a leader in the industry, Chris took on the challenge of building a complex but scaleable multi-chain NFT marketplace for ticketing and music as the CTO of YellowHeart. Successes included an album… Continue reading Chris Mack

Greg Carson

Greg Carson is frequent contributor, lecturer and speaker on events about investing in the digital asset ecosystem and negotiation technique. He has spoken on these subjects at several global conferences including Super Venture, CFC st moritz, David, bitcoin Miami , MCC, Davos, Horizon events and even at his Alma Mater, the Wharton School of Business.… Continue reading Greg Carson

Debra Noll

Debra is a seasoned executive and business forward general counsel with 20+ years experience counseling technologies and financial services clients in their lifecycle from startup to Fortune 100. She is a strong leader and a go-to resource for finding solutions to legal matters in evolving regulatory environments and navigating uncertainty. Her areas of expertise include… Continue reading Debra Noll

Tess Robinson

Tess is an innovator, speaker and industry leader with over 15 years of professional experience most recently in startup and venture but also spanning sales, marketing and healthcare. As a General Partner for Slay Ventures, she takes a hands-on approach to providing portfolio companies with more than just capital. She is also an advisor to… Continue reading Tess Robinson

Giovanni Mendez Feliciano

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Bob Reid

Bob is the CEO and co-founder of Everest, a regulated and licensed crypto custodian with a universal biometric-based multi-currency wallet platform (fiat and various cryptos into a single wallet), and its own chain capable of tokenizing any asset. With access to over 200+ tokens, fiat-on/off ramps globally, and stocks (BTC to/from TSLA). Bob has gone… Continue reading Bob Reid

Marlon Williams

Marlon is the founder of cloud-based software platform Qubicles, co-founder of the blockchain, and founder of Starter Labs, a leading crypto launchpad, incubator and investor network that helped crowdfund over $45MM for 60+ blockchain-based projects. The core tenet at Starter Labs is its R&D effort known publicly as Atlanta Blockchain Center, the first physical… Continue reading Marlon Williams

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