Antonio Sifre

Antonio J. Sifre is a corporate and entertainment attorney with more than 25 years of experience in film and television production and financing, intellectual property protection and licensing, private capital offerings, venture capital and private equity, commercial loans, mergers and acquisitions, and the generation, placement, and financing of film and R&D tax credits. Antonio is… Continue reading Antonio Sifre

Solene Feuillu

Solene is the Principal at Borderless Capital, a leading web3 VC firm. She spent the last 7 years growing several tech and web3 startups, spanning seed to series A.

Alberto Bacó-Bagué

Alberto Bacó Bagué is a lawyer, a certified public accountant (CPA), and a legal and financial advisor actively participating in boards of directors and corporate governance issues. Bacó served as President of the Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank from 1990 to 1993. Previous to that, he was Executive Vice President of the Puerto Rico Government… Continue reading Alberto Bacó-Bagué

Jeffrey Edell

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, TV/Filmed Entertainment & Distribution, OTT channels, Social Media, Mobile, Public companies, Product Licensing & Merchandising, Finance, M & A, International, Brand building, Marketing, Directorships, eSports, Mobile Gaming

Josh Berger

Josh Berger was homeschooled and educated in the US and South Africa. He was raised with a spiritual family with the direction to evoke consciousness and change in the world. Josh has always been a serial entrepreneur who started his career at the age of 6 with radio commercials which evolved to film and TV.… Continue reading Josh Berger

Tess Hau

Tess Hau is an investor & advisor to high performing startups globally. She had multiple successful investments and exits in VR tech, biotech, construction tech, marketing automation, blockchain cryptocurrency tech companies. She invests in AI, ML, IoT, privacy and security, regulation tech, FemTech, SEA startup, health tech disrupters, enterprise applications and IT infrastructure. She was… Continue reading Tess Hau

Alana Mediavilla

I started my business 12 years ago producing videos for companies in Silicon Valley. I was lucky enough to have started my film career in a time and place that really needed people that did what I did and it allowed me to get plenty of experience working with tech companies looking to communicate what… Continue reading Alana Mediavilla

Alexander Díaz

Vision. Insight. Ethics. Innovation. Collaboration. These virtues we have always needed. But given today’s epic local and global challenges, rarely have they been so profoundly required. At the core, it is what I and Team ARCO bring to your table in our Public Relations and Marketing Communications work. Because in the end, no company can… Continue reading Alexander Díaz

Scott Walker

An Investor and Serial Entrepreneur that has invested in or started over a dozen companies. Walker began in the Internet space in the late 90s culminating in 2007 with Atrinsic NASDAQ: ATRN with over 150 employees and $100M in sales. After going public in 2007 Walker began his career as an investor. In 2012 he… Continue reading Scott Walker

Laura Duong

Laura Duong has quite an unusual background witnessing and surviving experiences most people cannot even imagine. Laura is the author of “Blockchain For Humanity”. She is the President of an advisory firm, Investor Guardians and a partner at an equity firm helping companies exit with large gains and M&A. Laura worked as Business Development Manager… Continue reading Laura Duong

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