John McAfee

John McAfee is best known for his contributions to cybersecurity after founding McAfee Associates in 1987 after the first known computer viruses began to appear. Prior to McAfee’s software, viruses were found and captured on computers one at a time. A person would have to install a program to take care of virus “A” and… Continue reading John McAfee

Reeve Collins

Reeve Collins is a long-standing pioneer in both digital marketing and the Bitcoin/Blockchain space. Prior to Co-founding Smart Media Technologies, Reeve Co-founded and was the CEO of BLOCKv, his second blockchain company. There he raised $22 million in an ICO to deliver the first ever platform for the creation of NFTs. At his first blockchain… Continue reading Reeve Collins

Matt McKibbin

Technologically savvy, extroverted super connector driven by a desire to see transformative and decentralized technologies positively affect the 7 billion+ people on the planet.

Trevor Koverko

Trevor has established himself as one of Canada’s top founders in the blockchain space founding several notable 9 and 10 figure business in both the private and public markets like Polymath,, First Carbon and Matador. Trevor also enjoys investing in his spare time as an angel investor as well as mentoring other founders and… Continue reading Trevor Koverko

Erik LaPaglia

Erik is a voracious entrepreneur and co-founder of Miami NFT, a digital asset firm facilitating large-scale conferences and knowledge sharing for creators in NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain and web3 spaces. He is an early member of JPEG Morgan NFT group and has supported numerous web3 and NFT projects as an angel investor and advisor. A renowned… Continue reading Erik LaPaglia

Damon Zwarich

Co-Founder of Charli3 – Oracles for Cardano. Blockchain advisor to VyFinance, AdaFinanace, and Paribus. Working to continually innovate in the crypto space.

Aly Madhavji

He is passionate about emerging technologies to help change the world. This includes blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, articifial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, education, and FinTech. He has spent my last few years investing and working on several blockchain ventures and lead Blockchain Founders Fund which invests in and venture builds top-tier Start-ups. He also consults leading… Continue reading Aly Madhavji

Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin

Jeff is Growth Lead at Axie Infinity where he focuses on community empowerment and experiments that grow the Axie ecosystem. A collector at heart, Jeff grew up chasing butterflies and digging up rare fossils with his father. Jeff studied Military and Economic history in college, where he found out about Blockchain as he looked for… Continue reading Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group, whose divisions include Transform PR, a global public relations firm that has served more than 200 clients in the blockchain field and helped launch more than 100 ICO’s, including Aion, Aeternity, Augur, Bancor, Dent, Ethereum, Factom, Golem, Gnosis, Lisk, MaidSafe, Neo, Qtum, SALT Lending, VideoCoin, and… Continue reading Michael Terpin

Vincent Lopez

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